An investor, who is planning to purchase a rental property has two choices to make – Short and Long terms rent property in Lobos Argentina. Most investors out there would like to opt for the long-term rental, even though that may not always be the right option for you to consider. Understanding the difference between long-term and short-term rental properties along with their pros and cons will help you as an investor to make an informed decision.

Some major takeaways to follow

Before you finalize between Short and Long terms rent property in Lobos Argentina, it is vital to learn more about the points in detail.

  • Let’s start off by saying the long-term rental property is usually occupied by a tenant with a 12-month lease.
  • With the long-term rental option, you will have the advantage of including more predictable rental income, ease of financing, and lower tenant turnover.
  • However, the drawbacks that come with the long-term value will be the limitations to raising the rent, difficulty in performing routine maintenance, and the risk of renting to the wrong tenant.
  • Then you have the short-term rental property, which can be rented on a daily, weekly, or even on monthly basis. It forms a crucial part of making decisions between Short and Long terms rent property in Lobos Argentina.
  • Short-term rent comes with multiple advantages like increased flexibility, better maintenance, and higher potential gross income.
  • However, the drawbacks of short-term rental are the lack of consistent rental income, local laws limitations, higher operating expenses, and prohibition of short-term rentals for multiple reasons.

Less advertising with long-term rentals

While looking for Short and Long terms rent property in Lobos Argentina, some people would love to go for long-term rentals because of the less advertising routine. The short-term ones will have to be advertised constantly, mainly once every week to fill up for later dates. But, with the help of a long-term rental property option, you just have to advertise whenever the tenant leaves the property. You will require notice, which will give you enough time to find a new tenant by your side.

Short-term rent means not being tied to the same tenant

Even after going through proper screening to find a new tenant, you might get stuck with a renter who ends up being a mismatch for your property or does not pay rent on time. You can avoid that with short-term rentals. On the other hand, you get to sell the property without even the need to worry about moving the tenant out first!

Look for the best property for rent

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