The modern French country style is mostly the one that incorporates stone and patina finishes. The modern french country homes on rent in lobos argentina are known to invite imperfections with tons of characters and curves. The style will solely focus on the vintage elements, and also make you feel intentional, warm, and clean at the same time. 

French country design has been around for centuries and the beauty of the architecture is still prevalent, even to this date! Some people might feel that the style is overly decorated, but the beauty of such style is hard to find anywhere else. The traditional styles will in fact be targeted as the beacon for simplistic elegance.

A rustic and refined décor

The modern french country homes on rent in lobos argentina are known for their perfect blend of rustic and refined décor. These are mostly inspired by the homes of the French countryside. 

  • It is currently targeted to be a popular style worldwide because of the casual and comfortable elegance that is never ostentatious.
  • On the other hand, to match the décor of the French country vibe, these houses are located in the middle of Mother Nature.
  • So, chances are high that you are waking up in the midst of nature every morning. Sipping your morning tea with such a golden view in the front will definitely uplift your mood.

Mixing the beauty of French country homes

Right now, the modern french country homes on rent in lobos argentina are all set to mix the French country vibe with a tad bit of modernity to it. The result has already proven to be pretty outstanding, to say the least!

  • You are asked to stick to the simple color palette of either one or two colors max and paint both the walls and ceiling within the same hue. 
  • The main reason why French country and modern work so well is because of the conflict and contrast.
  • Where you can target French country to be soft and rustic and modern vibes are more sleek and fresh at the same time.

The perfect retreat for the corporate world as well

Now, the French country houses, which are up for rent, will not just make your family vacations memorable but can act out as the best co-work and corporate retreat platform. Companies can host their meetings and corporate outings over here, where employees get to gel together pretty well, after working years from home, thanks to the pandemic!

The next time you are out looking for modern french country homes on rent in lobos argentina, make sure to get along with La Casa De Lord for a change. It is going to be a great cultural gateway for you. Here, you get to enjoy both Argentina and Gaucho cultures, which are celebrated through various activities, as offered at this property. 

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